Eager to learn how to skate? This is the right place to get started.6.0 FSC International School of Skating Fundamentals are Gold! Designed by the United States Figure Skating Association (U.S. Figure Skating), Basic Skills is a beginning ice skating program that is fun, challenging and rewarding. Participation in the program will enable beginning skaters of all ages to learn Skating

Where Do I go? The 6.0 Learn To Skate is the official learn-to-skate program of the national governing body of figure skating.

Mailing Address: 920 Hamilton Street Wausau WI 54403 Phone: 715 680 0600 6.0@skategold.net

Facility Address: 6400 Alderson Street Weston, WI 54476 Phone: 715 680 0600 info@learntoskate.info

There are skating programs in more than 800 facilities across the nation. 6.0 Learn To Skate Program is located in Greenheck Field House, Weston. Please contact our Program Director Elena Naschke and ask for group class schedule, registration information and the price of lessons.

We are All Year Round Program, most group beginner lessons are structured in six- or eight-week sessions, and there is usually room available for classes that meet your current ability.

Check out the skill levels to find out what you will learn in each class. We also provide individual lessons as well as coaching for advanced skaters.

Health benefits of ice skating:

Everyone and no matter how old you are from toddlers to seniors can enjoy the health benefits of ice skating. Ice skating helps build endurance, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility. Depending on intensity of each individual training, calories burned on average recreational ice skating is about 250-810 per hour, and competitive skating can be up to 450-1,080 per hour.

Skates for Girls

You don't always need to buy new skates. Even used skates may be a good bargain. If you need more information regarding the quality of a pair of used skates, please ask the skating director or your instructor for some tips.

When looking for new equipment, go to a reputable pro shop or sporting goods store and take the time to find a pair. Skates get more sophisticated as your ability and skating skills increase.

A number of manufacturers produce a beginning boot that comes with a beginning blade.

If you are not sure about buying new or used pair of skates renting could be another possibility. Ask for a pair of firm boots with adequate support and sharp blades.

 The Objectives of the 6.0 Learn To Skate Program:

  • Provide an enjoyable and safe skating experience
  • Teach correct techniques of basis elements
  • Provide incentive rewards
  • Promote health and physical fitness
  • Develop social relationships through group instruction
  • To develop a finer degree of coordination and balance
  • Encourage skating as a lifelong sport
  • To have fun!

Why 6.0 Learn To Skate Program?

Official learn-to-skate program of the National Governing Body for figure skating (U.S. Figure Skating )

The road to the Olympics Highest quality instruction Fun, challenging and rewarding skating curriculums for all ages and abilities Bridge to U.S. Figure Skating testing and competitive structure 

Sports accident insurance coverage

Program Mission:

fundamentals of the sport and begin a lifetime commitment to health and fitness. 6.0 Learn To Skate Program designed to keep skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Whether your goal is to achieve Olympic fame or simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating, Basic Skills is for you! There are more than 800 programs and 100,000 skaters registered across the United States in the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program

Fundamental Programs:

  • Snowplow Sam 1-3
  • Basic Skills 1-8
  • Adult 1-4
  • Hockey 1-4

Specialty Programs

  • Freeskate 1- 6
  • Dance 1- 6
  • Synchronized Team 1- 6
  • Artistry in Motion 1 - 4


Skates for Boys

Information about skates? New, used or rental?

The boots should provide a good fit. A skate needs to be an extension of the foot, fit well, and must be laced up properly. Make sure you consider all factors in choosing a skate that fits you properly: your size and weight, skating ability and how often a week you are planning to skate. If the boot does not fit well or is too "broken in," it will not provide good support. Proper fit is very important for success in skating!

The Fit should be snug, with the lacing pattern throughout from toe to ankle. Push your foot forward and touch your toe to the end of the skate, if you are able to put a finger inside the skate between the back of your foot and end of your skate, it means skate is too big.

 What to wear

Our Classes are held in Greenheck Field House. Greenheck Ice Rink is not the coldest rink around, but still dress for warmth by layering your clothing. Temperature is between 45-55 degrees, so jackets are recommended. As you get warm, you may wish to discard a layer.

It is very important, that kids are dressed comfortable and are also able to move freely. Close-fitting is fine, Ideal is to wear Sweatpants or warm-up pants. ( Please do not wear Jeans or street attire ) Feet will feel best by wearing of

Your feet will feel best if you wear one pair of lightweight socks or tights. If socks are too thick, they may limit the support provided by your skates and create "spaces" inside your boots, making them uncomfortable.

Your toes may wiggle but your heel should not slide up and down or around once your foot is properly laced in the skate.

Helmet is recommended for children under the age of 6 and all beginner skaters. Contact a local sporting goods store for proper fit and information regarding safety helmets.

Gloves or mittens are must! Learning to fall is an important part of ice skating, wearing gloves or mittens will make your hands feel better. In case you forget to bring them along, check with the rink's lost and found and borrow a pair.